This is the site for the 2017 RNA Informatics Workshop

Thank you to everyone for participating and making it a successful meeting!

Date: June 28, 2017



08:50 to 9:20 Arrival    
9:20 to 9:30 Opening remarks    
9:30 to 10:45 Principal investigators present their main research interests (5 min + 10 min discussion/questions)    
09:30 Jérôme Waldispühl McGill  
09:45 Yann Ponty Polytechnique  
10:00 Mireille Régnier Polytechnique  
10:15 Éric Lécuyer IRCM (Institut de recherches liniques de Montreal)  
10:30 Nicolas Moitessier McGill  
10:45 Mathieu Blanchette McGill  
  15 min break    
11:15 to 12:35 Students present an overview of their research (5 min + 3 min discussion/questions)    
11:15:00 Philip Bouvrette Lécuyer, IRCM RNA localization
11:23 Juan-Carlos Padilla Lécuyer, IRCM Defining the Mechanisms of RNA Targeting to Extracellular Vesicles
11:31 Mansha Imtiyaz Blanchette Prediction of subcellular mRNA localization
11:39 Juraj Michalik Ponty Non-redudant sampling for locally optimal RNA structures
  10 min break    
11:59 Roman Sarrazin Gendron Waldispühl, McGill Using graphical models to predict RNA 3D-structure and ligand-binding from sequence
12:07 Carlos G Oliver Waldispühl, McGill Evolution of complexity in RNA and RNA-ligand binding prediction
12:15 Jiaying Luo Moitessier, McGill RNA binding motifs in riboswitches with known 3D structure.
12:23 Wanlei Wei Moitessier, McGill Docking of Small Molecules against Nucleic Acid Targets.
12:30 to 1:10 Lunch break. Food will be provided    
1:15 to 3:00 Remaining student presentations    
01:10 Antoine Soulé Waldispühl, McGill caRNAval
01:18 Pouriya Alikhani Waldispühl, McGill caRNAval
01:26 Jeffrey Hyacinthe Moitessier, McGill caRNAval
01:34 Xiang Chen Zhu Moitessier, McGill caRNAval
01:42 Amir Kadivar Blanchette, McGill Fast read-to-read alignment
01:50 Faizy Ahsan Blanchette, McGill Prediction of cell-type specific regulation from multi-species comparison
  15 min break    
02:13 Christopher Cameron Blanchette, McGill High-Resolution estimation for true DNA-DNA interaction frequency from Hi-C data
02:21 Jeremy Georges-Filteau Blanchette, McGill Prediction of sample origin (phylogenetics networks)
02:29 Ali Atiia Waldispühl, McGill Biological networks
02:37 Corbin Hopper Waldispühl, McGill Biological networks as graphs
02:45 Akash Singh Waldispühl, McGill Phylo : mobile application
02:53 Eric Zhang Waldispühl, McGill 3D genome browser
03:00 Closing remarks